How to Increase Word Count in an Essay Properly

Have you ever been in a situation when you need a larger amount of article, but it seems impossible to add more words to the written? This feeling is like a trap, giving you brain freeze and your only wish is to know how to increase word count in an essay. A lot of writers were in such a position when the process seems to stop and not move anymore. And all that because some of us simply find themselves baffled in front of a piece of paper and a given topic.

However, with sophistication comes the understanding of what phrases to increase word count are the best and how to use it right without damaging the overall message of the article. So, let's get a closer look at all best ways of solving this problem.

Tricks and Tips to Increase Word Count in Writing

Before moving any further to specific tips, you also need to remember that it is not only enough to use techniques while writing texts but also need to feel what you write, to get deeper into the subject as much as possible. An excellent essay is not for lazy writers! Therefore, if you are not that type then, here are some tricks and tips to increase word count!

  • One more example is always a good idea!
    Adding more examples will not only easily increase the text volume but also will show readers that you understand what you are writing about. Nevertheless, you have to apply them correctly, analyze what kind of details need to be specified from an example or your personal history that you have experienced.
  • Look the other way
    So many men, so many minds. If you have the ability to look at things from multiple viewpoints and angles — this method will perfectly do its thing! Moreover, by describing the opposite view or opinion, you have the opportunity to explain in this way why your own belief becomes valuable.

With an aim to write an essay correctly you can fully use the dispute with an imaginary opponent or method from the opposite. It is important to show your attitude to the facts, analyze each component, as well as make mini-conclusions and generalizations.

Don't Be Lazy to Look for More Info

  • Make clarification
    In the case of pointing out specific statements, when it's difficult to find an example, suggestive phrases or words will be a wonderful help. Using such phrases encourages the reader to strengthen your opinion better. That may include such inserting as "in other words,” "to be honest," "while considering this concern" and so on. Most importantly, such tools can easily add more words to an essay, but their application should be extremely relevant and somewhat limited.
  • Search for other sources of information
    A little view of additional literature or other sources of information never hurt anybody. Your competence will increase, and your product will be more powerful in turn. So, do not ignore this tip.

  • Quotation
    A well-chosen quote immediately draws the reader’s attention. By quoting writers usually reproduce excerpts from scholarly works, artistic texts, or some kind of expression to confirm a certain opinion. Well, of course, quotes can effectively increase word count in an essay, so use this technique.

The Importance of the Intro

If none of the above is suitable for you, or everything possible with the main body has already been done then keep an eye out what is in the beginning and what in the ending. These are not less important wording parts, the size of which should not be ignored. You need to understand that these parts need not be short — it is a cliché.

  • Review the introduction and conclusion
    The beginning of an essay is formed as a result of a critical understanding of a specific thesis. That may be expressive original aphorism or proverb, someone or your opinion, an assessment of revealing a fact. After choosing a topic for search, search for it yourself. Do not just agree or refuse someone's view, but continue, complete it. In agreement or denial, it is essentially noteworthy to find some arguments.

Questions you should ask yourself while working on the introduction:

  • Why a topic that I highlight is important here and now?
  • What approaches will be contained in my consideration?
  • Can I divide a subject into a few sub-themes?
  • What About the Good Ending?

    The final part is a synthesis and evaluated conclusions to the problem. At the end of the line, it is essential to formulate a conclusion. For some reason, this item causes difficulties. With which words you need to complete the essay if everything has already been said?

    A colorful conclusion should contain a logical ending of the opinion. How to achieve this? Once again, carefully look at the beginning of the essay — your thesis. During the writing of your own statement, you argued with it and illustrated with examples. Now just retell it in your own words.

    Visual tips to increase word count

    The last but not the least is the page count. When you need to enlarge the whole essay visually, you can easily do it by increasing the text font or narrowing the fields. It is the easiest solution how to increase word count in an essay visually.