How to Write an Essay for IELTS to Get High Scores

The English language is considered to be a global communication tool that helps in business, education, politics and many other areas of our life all over the world. It is the principal reason that makes many people interested in passing the international exams where one of the most popular is IELTS. Along with that, there are those for whom the following certificate is essential in terms of confirming their English level in listening, reading and, of course, in writing. In the last part, you will have to deliver a well-written IELTS essay with your own ideas and statements within the framework of the theme.

Moreover, this great document provides an ideal opportunity to receive a visa for immigration, which can organize your education abroad or land an excellent job in Europe. This article includes the information on IELTS preparation, namely, on useful methods of getting ready for a good IELTS academic essay. Writing skills are extremely important, as you have to cover the topic to the full extend per indicated time.

How to write an IELTS essay: Good Tips for preparing

In accordance with the registered statistics, the IELTS essay writing is considered the most complicated part. When you have decided that you need to go through the following exam and it is essential for your future, primarily to do the next steps:

  • Try to meet with your tutor every day to look through your essay and analyze the mistakes.
  • Ask someone else to have a look at your writing at home.
  • Attend some good courses in writing skills development, which can be helpful for your essay preparation.

If for some reasons the above-indicated tips are not for your case, and you want to prepare yourself, then, it is recommended to become more concentrated, read the task and only after that begin taking your pen. Act as if you know clearly the future outcome of the writing. It is enough to spend up to 10 minutes to think about your story plan and determine the content you want to share in the piece of work.

After you make it clear for yourself how to write an essay for IELTS in general, it is time to care about the vocabulary usage. Your language should be rich, captivating and, what is important, readable. For this reason, look through your content to see if you have any crutch words or frequently repeated words. Next time try to avoid them during writing.

IELTS Essay Structure Features

No matter what type of IELTS exams you are going to pass, there will be more than 30 minutes to prepare your own wide answer to the question offered. The story should include no less than 250 words and these essential four parts: an introduction, body paragraphs, which must consist of two parts, and a conclusion. As you see, the IELTS essay structure is the same as in any other paper.

There are three widespread groups of essays:

  • Argument essays (you have to agree or disagree with a statement, explaining your standpoint);
  • Discussing essay (describe several views offered and provide your own opinion);
  • Essay with advantages and disadvantages concerning some issues or statements.

When you come to the last part of your essay, the conclusion, you just need to indicate the topic you have but in other words and try to express your standpoint on the essay in general. This part does not require any new statements, say the important thought but briefly.

Common IELTS Essay Format Peculiarities

It may take very much time when you begin to think about all the parts of your paper but be reasonable, distribute your time and make a brief plan of what you are going to do. In the process you will discover that the IELTS essay writing format is not something new for you, it is the standard one.

Paraphrase the key question in your introduction part and explain in several sentences what your essay will include making it clear for the audience.

In the body paragraph, continue to develop the idea and state the reason for writing this essay. Support this part with a good example or even more, restate the key message. Do the same in the second part of the body.

Concluding, you should deliver your personal implications and variants or solutions to solve some major problems and bring some benefit to the reader.

IELTS Essay Topics to Train Your Writing Skills

Nobody knows what essay topics for IELTS can be offered to write about, but still, there is the list of possible spheres connected with your future topic, they are globalization, education, health, social media, society, technology, environment, and others. The themes traditionally are common for us only the questions format can differ.

Below you can find even some topics, which have already been offered to students during their IELTS exam writing part:

  • Are there any points proving the God existence?
  • Describe the role of the mother in our society?
  • The technological development provokes the dying out of the traditional skills, agree or disagree?
  • Teacher assistance or self-studying, what works better?
  • Mind rest or mind development at leisure time.

To prepare an excellent essay on these or any other topics you should be well acquainted with them at least a little bit. When doing the written part, you will have only 40 minutes to develop exciting ideas supported by several facts or examples obtained only from your personal experience or knowledge.

That is why it is so significant to read regularly about some general things to extend your awareness of various spheres of life. Such an approach can be very beneficial as it helps to increase the vocabulary, improve reading skills and provide a fresh knowledge.