Problem Solution Essay Peculiarities and Tips for Writing

Problem solution essay traditionally involves the method of solving any kind of problem where the writer tries to analyze some situation or issue, then he or she specifies a certain problem, and it is required to provide some kind of solution or even several of them. Here are typical steps for writing such type of the paper:

  • Characterize the problem you were asked to write about;
  • Persuade the audience the issue needs addressing;
  • Explain the suggested solution;
  • Provide reliable arguments that this is the ideal solution;
  • Deny any possible objections.

Writing a problem solution essay, consider about something that usually worries you or issues that you consider annoying. If there is something interesting in your head, start to write about it right now not to forget this great idea.

Before writing the problem solution essay, think over these three important steps:

  • Determine the group you belong to and the matters, which this very group may have. Possible groups are the following: common interest groups, school, sports teams, some special community, and people groups.
  • Put down a small list of problematic issues the members of your group can possess. Do not start to think about some huge problems, but try to choose something you are ready to provide supporting statements about and convince the others of possible solutions offered for it.
  • Congratulations! You have found the topic you want, and now you can start describing it.

This small plan will make you more confident and help to develop many other related ideas concerning the problem itself and variants of its addressing.

What is a Problem Solution Essay and How to Prepare It Well?

A problem-solution essay is a paper where we represent an argument. This type of essay includes direct argumentation in order to persuade the audience to take some measures for the sake of the problem solution. When you explain the issue, do not forget to indicate the peculiar causes you want to convince the reader about. This explanation actually opens the meaning of problem solution essay definition and helps to understand its organization.

In order to prepare an excellent essay, you should follow the next tips described below and something unique from yourself to make the idea you strive to produce in your individual manner.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay — Advice and Writing Solutions

The most useful tips for writing the problem solution assignment:

  • Your style and tone are essential in this kind of essay. Make them as convincing as possible adding the hints of confidence, logic, and appeal.
  • You remember that your paramount task is to persuade, so your point of view should be the first and considerably effective in comparison with others. You can apply both the first and the third persons.
  • Appreciate the response of the potential audience as it is vital in this essay. You have to reach the one who is ready to implement your solution. Think about the method that will improve the convincing process of the reader who is able to take some measures for the sake of results.

When making this paper, you will discover some more secrets on how to write a problem solution essay and learn how to apply them successfully next time.

Problem Solution Essay Structure

Further, we are going to delve into the problem solution essay structure to keep to the traditional rules and make your writing perfect for submission. Let’s deep in some detail.

Well, let’s start with the introduction part where one needs to feature the issue and interpret the reasons it requires addressing and after that to bring your great solution. But keep in mind that nobody knows about this problem that’s why it requires additional details. Sometimes the writer is familiar with the issue indicated and can vividly describe it for others. Remember, it would be perfect! The only task is to persuade the others.

A Thesis statement is a next step here. Prepare a good thesis question and provide your logical idea to solve the problem.

The body of your essay should contain at least three paragraphs or even more including the explanation of the offered solution with clear details and examples and reliable evidence, which will work for your idea.

The final part, known as a conclusion, should not be very long and very productive in terms of future result we will receive after the implementation of all the ideas and solutions. It is usually up to two or three paragraphs long. If you have prepared an ideal example, do not hesitate and use it exactly in this part of your essay.

Problem Solution Essay Format and How to Work with It

It is essential to prepare several blocks for each of the indicated parts belonging to the problem solution essay format. That is a specific plan tailored by the writer to make the whole process of content preparing logical and easier. Dedicate roughly 30 minutes to build these blocks and develop the straightforward ideas and questions you have or possibly will have further.

And one more essential thing here is to understand who are you going to write, or in other words, who is your reader?

Problem Solution Essay Topics to Grab the Reader’s Attention

There can be many decent problem solution essay topics, which are very interesting to write about and share your ideas on them with others. If you find it challenging, look through the offered list of ideas:

  • How to stop the bullying online, especially when it comes to social networks?
  • What are the best methods to make students interested in books reading?
  • What measures can be implemented to reduce the violent crime rates?
  • How to stop the epidemic of obesity at an early age?
  • What are the ways to lower the high unemployment level?

Problem and solution essay topics and ideas often depend on your own concerns and interests. If you read the global news from time to time or have a great interest in a peculiar area, you are welcome to share your experience.

Problem Solution Essay Outline — Plan Your Paper

Dealing with the problem solution essay outline, we should distinguish two popular types: block and chain structures. Both of them have their own advantages where the first one is entirely obvious and very easy, and the second structure may seem straightforward in terms of solution presentation and issue identification.

When selecting one of the possible variants, consider specific factors, such as, for example, the number of issues. Deciding to specify many problems in your paper, it is better to choose the chain structure to help your readers understand the right answer for a certain problematic issue.